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Private limited Company

Private Limited Company

A Private Limited company is a type of privataly held business venture. Private Limited compnay limits the liability of owners liability to the extent of their Shares capital contributed in the Company.Private Limited Company is Register under the Companies Act 2013 in the administration of Registerar of Companies which is a office under Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Private Limited Company is Most popular Corporate entity amongst, medium and large businesses in india due to Various Advantage. According to mca almost 90 to 95 percent of Company Register in India is Private limited Company.

  • Ideal for Startups & Growing Business
  • Easy to Get Funding, Raise Venture Capital Fund
  • Has Limited Liability
  • Private Limited Company require 1 lakh Capital to register under RoC and Minimum of 2 directors and Shareholder.

    Steps To Register Private Limited Company Registration

    Aquire DSC with Certifying Authority of Class 2
    Apply For Name Approval through MCA atleast 2 name is Required
    Prepare the MOA , AoA, DIN and Incorporation Document
    File It with Mca And You are Done

    Price For Registration of Private Limited Company

    Silver Plan



  • 2 Digital Signature Certificate
  • Company Name Application
  • 2 DIN
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN Of Company
  • TAN of Company
  • Gst Registration
  • Platinum Plan



  • 2 Digital Signature Certificate
  • Company Name Application
  • 2 DIN
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN Of Company
  • TAN of Company
  • Gst Registration
  • Gst Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Companny Letter Head
  • Logo Design
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • Gold Plan



  • 2 Digital Signature Certificate
  • Company Name Application
  • 2 DIN
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN Of Company
  • TAN of Company
  • Gst Registration
  • GST Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Minimum Requirement For Private Limited Company Registration

    2 Director of Company who Can Be Shareholder
    Registered Office For Company
    Unique Name for Company
    1 Lakh Capital
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    Advantage of Private Limited Company

    Seperate Legal Entity
    The major benifit of the private limited company is that the Private limited company is a Jurdical Person in the law which can buy or sell porperties and shares , enter in to contract , sue or be sued upon it's own name. The death , insanity , incapacity or insolvency of it's shareholder or directors does not affect the existence of the Private limited Company in any way
    Limited Liability
    Since the private limited company is the Seperate legal Entity . Thus the liability of the members, shareholders and Directors are limited to the amount of share they hold in the Company . They are not accountable for the debt of the company their liability is limited to their unpaid amount of shares in the company.
    Tax Advantage
    As everyone wants to minimize his tax burden thus company as per the income tax act 1961 has another main benefit of incorporation towards taxation .Private Limited Companies enjoy tax advantages added on to the limited liability wherein the companies pay corporation tax on their taxable profit and tend to get excused from higher personal income tax rates. Instead of being a sole trader forming of a company leads to increase in tax deduction and allowances redeemable against profits.
    Dual Relationship
    In Private Limited company it is possible for a company to make a valid and effective contract with any of it's members or Shareholder or employee . It is also possible for a person to be in control of a company and at the same time be in its employment. Thus, a person can at the same time be a shareholder, creditor, director and also an employee of that Private limited company.
    Easy Transferability of Shares
    Shares of a Private Limited company limited by shares are transferable by a shareholder to any other person. The transfer is easy as compared to the transfer of interest in business run as a proprietary concern or a partnership. Filing and signing a share transfer form and handing over the buyer of the shares along with share certificate can easily transfer shares from one person to another.
    Perpetual Succession
    The Private limited company is the seperate Jurdical Person in the law . Thus the Continuation of the company does not come to an end even after the death or incapcity of all the members and it continues to function.

    Document Required for Private Limited Company Registration

    Pan Card Of Both The Directors
    First and Last Page of Passbook (not older then 2 months)
    Voter Id Card of Both The director
    Aaddhaar card Of Both Director
    No Objection Certificate (Registered office owner)

    Disadvantage OF Privated Limited Company

    Restriction of Members
    In a private Limited company the number of members in any case cannot exceed 50
    Restricted Access to Capital Markets
    Private Limited Companies are legally restricted from issuing their shares through an initial public offering. As such, they cannot trade their shares on a stock exchange. With this restriction, private limited companies may find it difficult to attract outside investors to buy the shares. In addition,A shareholder of a private limited company typically must seek the approval of the company's directors before selling or transferring his shares to a new owner, or offer them to existing shareholders first. This amounts to an inefficiency, since investment decisions may not be made and executed in a timely manner.
    Increased Legal Compliance
    Since private limited companies have a separate legal identity from their owners, they must comply with more legal requirements than sole proprietorships and partnerships. For instance, private limited companies must submit annual financial accounts to the Companies House at the end of each financial year and report a number of changes, including appointment of a tax professional, to HM Revenue and Customs.
    Limited Personal Control
    Unlike in sole proprietorships, founders of a private limited company don't have total control over the entity’s operations. When founders decide to privately issue shares to others, they invite more owners into the business. With reduced control, founders typically cannot make and execute important decisions without consulting with other shareholders

    What You Have To Do ?

    Fill our form
    MOA & AoA
    You Are Done

    Frequently Asked Question

    What is the minimum number of directors required to form a company ?

    Minimum no. of directors for One Person Company: One, Private Limited Company: Two, for Public Limited Company: Three and, for producer company: Five.

    What is the minimum number of Subscribers for Registering of a company

    for One Person Company = One , Private Limited Company = Two , for Public Limited Company= Seven for Producer Company= Ten.

    Minimum Capital Required To Register Private Limited company

    1 lakh Capital is Required to Register the Private Limited Company.

    What are the Compliances That have to filled every year

    Invariably, the Balance Sheet and Annual Return have to be filed every year. Other documents such as, Return of Allotment (Form No. Pas-3), Change of Registered office (Form No. INC-22), Change among the Directors (Form No. DIR-12), Charges (Form No. CHG- 1, 9, 4) etc., have to be filed within the due date from the events taking place in the company as per the Companies Act, 2013.

    Where to Submit the 1 lakh Ruppes for Registration of Private limited Company

    You don't have to give 1 lakh Rupees To anyone You just Have to show the total Amount spent in setting up you Company at The end of Financial Year (at the end of first year)

    What is MoA and AoA

    MoA is Memorandum of Association It outlines the nature of business entity. The memorandum includes the compan's name, Registered Company address, the Company's aims and objectives, limited liability clause, share of capital, and other related Company Information

    Aoa Stands for Article of Association , In essence, this document articulates the way the shares are distributed, voting rights of each class of stock, valuation of intellectual rights, activities of directors including appointments and meetings, management decisions, and many other intricate and internal processes of a company.

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