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Frequently Asked Question

What Is ?
It is a platfrom where client's from all over india visit the website in search of CA .This platform brings the opertunity for CA to Work in all over india without having inconvenience of Travelling all around the country. This platform brings the client to your office doorstep and you just have to serve them
Is this is any kind of firm ?
No this is not a firm . This platform brings client from all over the country so that they can get the ca of their choice and affordability .
How Can I Attract more Clients ?
To attract more clients you have to put the advertisment on our website and we will show your profile in all the place's of our website.Also you have to build your good repo so that you can get the good rantings and reviews from the client which you have served previously.
what is Phone Consultacy ?
This is the method where you can set the time for the client to take you valuable advice and you can charge them for the advice you have given on the phone.

In this method client will take the apointment from our website and we will shedule their timing according to your availability and then intimate you for the same.
what is Chat Consultacy ?
It is also a method where you can charge the client for chatting with them and giving them you'r valueable advice .The client will only get the chance to chat with you when you are online or he may book the timing for chat with you and we will intimate you in advance.
How meeting process will work ?
When the client book the appointment from our website to see you in person and talk about his case our team will first contact you and shedule your meeting with the client after discusing with you for the venue and time and then we will put the intimation on the client's profile and our team will prepare for the meeting on the sheduled day and time
Do I have to commit certian amount of time in this ?
No you don't have to commit and fixed time on the website you are free to use at any time without any hesitation of lossing the client who will visit you website becaue every potential client which will visit your profile will be intimate to you via mail from our team So you just have to focus on earning money rather then commiting the huge amount of time Our team will help you with all the things which will help you gain more clients
Do I have to pay monthly charges for putting up my profile on the website ?
No you don't have to pay any charges fo putting you profile and start doing business and attract the clinets by increasing you repo and ratings .
How Can I crate good repo ?
You can create good repo by answering the questions which have been asked by the client because on every answer each client will give their rating which will increase you rating from the rest and your repo will become stronger and stronger by this .
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