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Frequently Asked Question ?

1⟩ What is Akitstee ?

This is the online platform which connect the Advocates with the clients . We provide a platform where client can get every legal information on the same page without going anywhere .

We also provide The bidding process where client will auction there case and advocate will get the equal oppertunity to attract the client with there service and fees amount

2⟩ Is Akitstee any kind of firm or something ?

No Akitstee is not any kind of firm or something It is online platform which connect the Advocate with the client . It is a platform which will allow the advocate to widen their working area.

3⟩ Work procedure of the Akitstee ?

We have two simple steps to work

a ⟩ Client Searches for the Advocates based on there legal needs

Client has two ways either he can select Advocate directly or he can put his case in auction where every advocate is equal and He can attract his client by it's attractive service and fees amount

b⟩ After the selection either directly or by bidding our team facilitates the consultation with the selected Advocate . Client can choose the way he want to Consult with Advocate either on chat / phone /meeting

4⟩ How the Bidding process work ?

Client select the categories of the Advocates from the fields like specilization , city and courtname

Then specific time will be genrated from the Akitstee and all the Advocates who fall under the selected criteria will give an intimation on the provide mail address and phone number

After that on that specific date All the Advocates who got the intimation will participate and set the lowest price and description of the serivce they will give .The Advocates can use this opportunity to attract the client toward them

5⟩ Why should Bid on the case ?

You should Bid on the case because there may be other people who have same profile as yours so at that time only your luck will decide that whether you will get the case or not.

So don't let your luck decide your client let it be you who decide which client you want

Also there will be chances that you will get the client with whome you can get high amount of fees this option is only available in the bidding process

6⟩ How client Will Contact Me ?

The client will contact you by calling over your mobile phone through our platform or meeting person or via chat through platfrom provided by akitstee

We all know that every work from the advocate is like a advice to the client so you can charge fee for every contact with the client using our platform

7⟩ Do I have to pay Fees of monthly subscription fees to Register here ?

No you don't have to pay any type of fees to to Register . You can join our team of best advocat in all over india absolutely free

8⟩ From where will i get the client ?

There is no limit for where you will get the client because client from all over india will be comming to our platform in serach of best Advocate for their case . So you will get to attract client from not only from your geographical area but from all over the country .

9⟩ Who is eligible to Sign up Here ?

Each and every lawyer is eligible to register with us the only condition is that he should be in practice or Register in bar council of india

10⟩ Do I have to commit Certain Amount of time in this ?

no you dont have to commit any specific amount of time in this yon can opt any time and duration then we will fix the consultancy time according to that only

11⟩ How can I get more client view on my profile ?

It is very important for advocate that client visit there profile because every visit can increae the chance for advocate to get that clients case .

In order to do get more client it is necessary to get more goods rating since the client is likley to choose Advocate who has good ratings as the good rating cause good credibity of advocate in the eye of client

12⟩ How to increase your rating ?

L Answer the question which have been asked by the client and they will rate the answer that were given by you this way you will increase you rating and popularity

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